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me and my camera
Feeling much more chipper, after a nice weekend. Got the bathroom sorted in my flat in Paris (I used to live there, now rent it out) so that is one less stress to worry about. Lovely new bathroom - just need to find new tenant - anybody looking to live in paris by any chance?

Feeling positive on the photo front too. We've had a flurry of new entries with some absolutely cracking images (check them out in the gallery I always get excited when good photos come in & look forward to the exhibition. Of course, the finalists are totally up to the judges (& they don't always like the same ones as me - occasionally I'm a bit perplexed, but bow to their superior eye), but I do get to pick a couple of my favs for the exhibition as the 'organisers choice'.

The event (the celeb private view) is my next big hurdle. There is just SO much to do still. In the past we have had a bit more help with the press & celeb side of things, but unfortunately this year I'm on my own. I have a few contacts - David Mitchell is a Uni friend, & has been fantastic, supporting us from the beginning; Lisa Snowdon, KT Tunstall, Helena Christianson & Mary McCartney have all helped in the past. Hopefully I can call on them again? Otherwise its a case of making a list of dream-celeb invitees (which we've started), and trying to reach them through their agents (WAY easier said than done). It seems to be a bit of a snowball effect - you need a few names to get started - celebs are like everyone else, they want to know who else is going to the party.

So if anyone wants to help: suggest a celeb! Connection to breast cancer or photography is a bonus, but not essential. If anyone knows the contact details of any agents, that would be even better!

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Sounds like you are dong lots of great stuff with renaissance. I see it has a facebook group too. If you care to add I have a page on there with some photos too...

I know a really cool ex-boyband member and will see if he has any ties that can help you with the celeb thing.

Have friended you on my own facebook. Can I friend people to the group? Will have to see how to do that - still working all of this out!

Intrigued by your celeb contact...yes please, any help very welcome!

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