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Carols from St Pauls
me and my camera
Starting to feel very festive! Not only have I nearly finished my christmas prezzie list with a stellar online shopping spree, but I've also been to the Breast Cancer Care carol service this week: . Nothing says christmas like belting out a chorus of hark the herald! (miming the high notes).

It was really really lovely. St Pauls Cathedral is absolutely stunning. Despite being a londoner for years, I'm not sure I've ever been inside it before (I guess its the usual story - travel the globe & ignore our own doorstep). I also can't get over what an amazing voice soloist Faryl Smith has - she is only 14!

* wanders off humming descant to O Come All Ye faithful...*

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St Pauls is amazing. Haven't been in since I started taking the photography thing a bit more seriously but its a truly wonderful building.

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