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changing plans
me and my camera
Oh No! My Mother's Victorian Christmas dream is under threat! The combination of snow threat & BA strike may scupper our plans to converge on my parents - they live in Scotland, whist all the 'children' live in the south. Hopefully, it will all come to nothing & we will all find a way up safely.

Its been insanely busy this last week. The big thing is that we have pushed the Renaissance deadlines back a couple of weeks. This was necessary to fit the sponsor's needs on the Event date, but having a bit more time will also make life much easier for me, (that is, after all this initial work to rebook with the venue & judges etc ). We're now accepting entries until the 20th Jan - an added bonus is that will gives the last-minute-ers more chance to surface & get it together after New Year! There is always an 11th hour rush, and it really sucks to have to turn down entries because they don't make the deadline (but we have to stick to the rules) so having two "11th hours" may be the perfect solution! Or people may just leave it until the new last min...

I've also been thwarted by limited internet access this week - work continues to be manic, and I've had electricians in (power off) at home. So. Much. To. Do!

Still, at least all the Christmas shopping is done.


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