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Festive Cheer
me and my camera
Thankfully, I've just discovered I'm not the murderer. Phew! After 4 hours (!) of family murder mystery game, we found out it was my sister-in-law, in cahoots with Jacques Frost, ski instructor to the stars, played by family friend Verity. Believe it or not all this came in a in a cracker set (crackers being a UK christmas tradition, that more typically contains a weak joke, a paper crown, & some cheep plastic trinkets - but in this case was Poirot-style clues) so intrigue and alcohol abound all afternoon.

Yesterday's crackers had us producing a rousing chorus of hark the herald angels on a set of  hand bells, (my father somewhat over playing his number 5 bell - blame the Port - and my brother being a semi-tone out through no fault of his own). Ah family festive fun.

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Those crackers sound fun.

Glad you had a good day.

It was really fun!My Mum always finds great crackers - we've had all sorts over the years! Hope you had a good day too?

Hey there,
First of all I think your project is incredible, and I'm really inspired.

I just wanted to mention the healing people have experienced on a raw food diet. There's an enormous amount of studies and data, including but definitely not limited to Max Gerson, and others. I admittedly haven't done much research on your personal story or who you support, just wanted to share my own knowledge that radiation is totally unnecessary for cancer therapy, and that quite a lot is done by big pharma to suppress that just eating natural (raw / organic) foods goes a very long way in reversing cancer.

Cheers, much love.

Thanks so much. Yes, I did read up the raw food diet - i'm sure there is much sense in it, but to do it properly, you have to consume vast amounts of raw veg juice (pretty much dawn to dusk) and nothing else for 2 years...I just didn't want the diet to be my whole life like that. So I did surgery, radiotherapy, and hormone suppression (my tumour was oestrogen sensitive), along with a whole food diet & avoiding dietry pro-oestrogens. I,m two years clear now and looking forward to coming off the tamoxifen in a couple more.
Thanks again for the message of support & Happy New Year!

Sounds like you had a great time!

Sounds like you had a great time! I love doing handbells. My Christmas consisted of lots of cognac!

Re: Sounds like you had a great time!

sounds like a fine way to spread some festive cheer!

my dad does this wine tasting game for the family every year too - he opens & decants 10 bottles... we are all supposed to guess the grape, the year, the region and give it marks out of 10. Its all wild guess work of course and rapidly degenerates into comedy with much cheating. The top rated 2 bottles for xmas dinner, and the losing 8 bottles drunk on xmas eve!

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