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Festive Cheer
me and my camera
Thankfully, I've just discovered I'm not the murderer. Phew! After 4 hours (!) of family murder mystery game, we found out it was my sister-in-law, in cahoots with Jacques Frost, ski instructor to the stars, played by family friend Verity. Believe it or not all this came in a in a cracker set (crackers being a UK christmas tradition, that more typically contains a weak joke, a paper crown, & some cheep plastic trinkets - but in this case was Poirot-style clues) so intrigue and alcohol abound all afternoon.

Yesterday's crackers had us producing a rousing chorus of hark the herald angels on a set of  hand bells, (my father somewhat over playing his number 5 bell - blame the Port - and my brother being a semi-tone out through no fault of his own). Ah family festive fun.

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Those crackers sound fun.

Glad you had a good day.

It was really fun!My Mum always finds great crackers - we've had all sorts over the years! Hope you had a good day too?

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