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blushing in the spotlight
me and my camera
Yikes, I'm in the spotlight!

This is all my sister's doing: she nominated me. It is great to spread the word about the photo competition, but I am now feeling under pressure to be witty &, suddenly coming over all hugh grant & awkward!  I also don't really feel worthy of 'valiant' label - all I did was get through a pretty pants year as best I could - afterall, what else was there to do?

The fact I'm on LJ at all is due to my sister, essentialsonly. She kept an LJ years ago when she was doing voluntary service overseas (as a doctor in Africa). She doesn't write much now she's back in the UK, but I keep pestering her to finish EO by writing up her paper diary to fill in the blanks. Now there's an interesting read & a valiant choice...*deflects spotlight back at ya sis!*

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As daunting as the spotlight may be, soak it all up! Moments like these come few and far between so just enjoy it!
I am looking for photos to enter in the contest by the way so I am glad you got thrown in the spot light otherwise I wouldn't have known about it!

thats great, thanks! Good luck with your photos (I don't judge the competition - just organise it - so I can say that ;) )

I came across your journal due to it being spotlighted on the LJ homepage and found it very interesting. I hope you doin't mind me adding it my list.

very welcome - thanks for the comment and the complement too!

Aw you so deserve it! I've been promoting your competition on various communities and I'll also reiterate your message on creativephoto.

Btw, we're spotlight twins! My community curiouscupakes is in the spotlight too! :P

I love the cupcakes!

Thanks so much for helping promote too. I really really appreciate it.

Wow, you're sister was a doctor in Africa?

btw I'm impressed with your spotlight; I notified all my friends about you!

May I add you as a friend?

of course! new friends always most welcome!

Yes, she worked there for a while - it was pretty tough at times but also amazing (she went to Timbuktu!)

And thanks so much for helping spread the word about the competition too.

Wow! What a story! I love Africa so much!

You're welcome and I'm always glad to add new friends!

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