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Whats with all the shoes?
me and my camera
Just so everyone knows: all the adverts for designer shoes (that seem to be plaguing my LJ comments this week - since spotlight perhaps?) are nothing to do with me! I have zero interest in shoes!  The time it is taking me to remove all the spam comments is really starting to be beyond annoying.

Does anybody know how to report this/stop it, other than delete/ban/report spam for each individual advert-masquerading-as-comment?

on a much nicer note:


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(Deleted comment)
good advice, thanks. I didn't want to have to limit comments to friends-only, but I will check out the options & see.

Alas, I get those spam comments to my LJ with relative frequency. All you can do is mark them as spam when you delete them and hope those particular ads stop.


Happy New Year to you, too. ;)

I can't really imagine it works as an advertising strategy...but then it must, or they wouldn't bother? Sorry you have also been plagued - although I do feel strangely better, knowing I've not been singled out!

what? does this comments translate into jive?!

i love shoes haha. not fancy-shmancy 1,000 dollar ones tho haha. the most expensive shoes i ever bought were not even $60. haha. and those were kinda fancy high heels haha. (well not "high" i would say haha. i would break my neck if they were much higher than they were. im pretty clumsy. in fact i almost fell down at least once when i was wearing these ones and they were about an inch or close to.)


I'm pretty good in heels - I have to wear them every day for work. Gel-insoles are the key to happy feet!

What's the realation between shose and spam?

This sounds like the opening like of a joke from a christmas cracker!?

Alternatively, perhaps you meant that this post is just confusing now that I have deleted all the adverts for shoes (that were previously posted in my comments page)?

Happy New Year Renaissance2010! :)

You don't know me, and when you visit my LJ I have been rather lax in posting, since I've become a Facebook junkie. However, I do plan to hopefully write some more this year in my LJ, and plus I have intentions of starting my Photography classes, this year, with my Mom's help in getting a good camera soon of course.

Your journal looked interesting so I thought I'd check it out, and hope we can stay in contact. :)

Thank you!

I know what you mean - it can be hard to find time to juggle more than one social network at a time! Did you hear the rumour that facebook is going to start charging?

Yeah! :) Yes I did and it sucks!

(Deleted comment)
I'll have a think about that and maybe do a resolutions post. What about your's?

Happy New Year.

I haven't really introduced myself; I'm Gavin, and I'm from England and I saw you in the lj spotlight column. Since I enjoy photography a lot, I decided to add you as a friend.

I'm glad you added me back since I often put my photographs in my livejournal, but I only put them in friends-only entries.

I'm a 19 year old in New Zealand looking for a bit of guidance. I'm looking at taking a university level photography paper. Cameras must be over 7mp, which mine (only just) is but SLRs are recommended. Do you think my little Olympus would make the grade?

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