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The Final Countdown!
me and my camera

Panic Stations!

Only about 48hours until the competition closes! Where did the time go? (Oh, yeh:that'd be the whole Egypt/snow-closed runways/work-backlog domino effect thing)

Egypt was fabulous - longer than planned, but so very much what I needed (photos to follow, I promise). However...manic-overdrive-mode now engaged. I have the final countdown circa 1986(?) as a brain-worm - yes it is that bad!  The busy bit for me is, well, now until the exhibition. Ah, I usually pull it off without a hitch :)

So anyway, here's a final reminder for anyone planning on entering:   Closes 10pm GMT, Weds 20th Jan. Check out all our entries!

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Welcome back and look forward to pictures and tales of Egypt when the the dust settles. :)

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

I went to Egypt once, though I don't know if I'd do it again - it was a bit stressful with all the peddlars around, and the roads were all pretty unpleasant. The pyramids were worth visiting though so I could say I visited a wonder of the world.

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